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Allergy Information



What if I have an allergy & need to instruct on order accordingly?

If you have an allergy that can possibly harm your health, we request you to contact the takeaway/restaurant directly before you place your order with them. By this, you can directly instruct the takeaway on your requirement avoiding any miscommunications


Why isn’t FusionPOS able to take guarantee on the allergens in my meal?  

As we just play a role as a medium between you and the takeaways, the takeaways/restaurants would be the right point of contact as they would know what ingredients go into their food providing you with accurate information. 


Does FusionPOS make sure to update the allergen information on the website on a timely basis? 

The takeaway along with their menu mention the allergen information on the menu page. This is updated as and when the menu is updated on the website. FusionPOS customer support team contacts the takeaways and ensures all the required information is provided to complete the website in the most accurate way. 


Why can't FusionPOS provide me with information regarding food allergies directly?

We do not want to put anyone's health at risk so we recommend that you speak to the takeaway directly who will provide you with the most accurate information. Takeaways change the ingredients they use all the time and FusionPOS may not always have the most up to date information.


How do I contact the takeaway for allergen information? 

You can click on “Contact Us” on the takeaway website to find  contact information like telephone number, address and email ID. Thereby, with this information you can contact them and provide your requirement or get necessary information on allergen


What can I do if I am not able to contact the takeaway & need any information on the food allergens?

We would be happy to help in any way we can! You can email us at support@fusionpos.co.uk and we will do our best to respond to your question as quickly as possible or contact the takeaway.


Doesn't the law insist that all food businesses should provide details on food allergies?

Yes, it is the restaurants and takeaways responsibility to provide all the necessary information on food allergy as they are independent from FusionPOS. Though we would assist you in all ways to put you in touch with the takeaways.